4 Ever Ballin artist roster

Artist: Inferno, Dirty Drawz, Pakasso, D Mercy, Shot Out, Relli, Ikieu, Loyalty Lo, RedSox, Anonymous, Rachet Badazz, Gunner Gauge


Production: Ikieu, Beezly aka Tattoo, Relli aka Phynga's, Mydo, Jayy Oh Beatz

Where You Are

Music is my passion and performing is my high. As a young boy I was writing rhymes and poetry down on paper,  which was often influenced by the sounds of great artists like Public Enemy, Naughty by Nature, Biggie, Pac, Jay- Z, Big Daddy Kane, and KRS-1. At the age of 15 I recorded my first song. I often filled spiral notebooks with songs that I wrote in my spare time. Back then, I thought of it all as just a hobby. But I have always had the dream of performing on the “big stage” someday. I continued to write music and record whenever I could throughout college. I left college when there was a tragedy in my family.  My grandmother passed away in 1999, so I came back home to Clovis New Mexico.  I felt lost & my child hood friend Snapp Ford called me and sent his condolences.  He also sent me a one way ticket to Florida, where I could finally breathe again. I felt dead so in a sense music saved my life & Snapp offered me that opportunity.  I began performing and doing shows all over Florida in the late 90’s under an independent label out of Tampa, Fl., called 4Ever Ballin Records. I was opening up for other unsigned artists. By 2000 I relocated back to Texas.  Not by choice, but by force because Snapp caught a bid! During that time I decided to put the music aside for a while. As I reviewed my life I was reminded of the strength my grandma instilled in me, the tenacity she taught me to have, and the drive she put behind me to move forward.  So I hit the booth again in 2002 & I haven't let up since.  Still pushing still grinding!  

Many of those emotions as well as trying times in my life were incorporated into my writing. Much of my music tells a story that others can relate to- whether it relates to their own situation in life, or just in general what the world is experiencing. I believe that everyone has a talent and mine is expressing my life through the deliverance that comes natural in the booth and on the stage. In the last two years I’ve dropped four mix tapes and an album Hustler on the Move. I also have 4 more mix tapes on deck & my most anticipated album is 75% complete, Indie presence is felt!  I have toured with Bun B, Slim Thug, Scarface, Baby Bash and Paul Wall. I have been working with producer Mr. Lee who has produced an album for me & will do more production on future projects as well as more mix tapes! 

My goal is to put Texas/New Mexico and the Southwest back on the map and represent original Hip Hop and what it stands for.  My music has been labeled as Reality music; I make Real Muzik, Life muzik!  

How I met Snapp

I met the CEO Snapp Ford in 1990 at Gattis Jr. High; I was one of the first kids to listen to him.  We agreed on a lot of things, hung out  a lot and became homies.  I use to treat him as my little brother & watch out for him. My family is his family & vice versa.  Snapp paroled out of jail to my house after his juvenile release.  Family never fails, so 25 years later here we are, to make our presence felt.  Where hip hop is our voice, our representation 4 min.

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