4 Ever Ballin artist roster

Artist: Inferno, Dirty Drawz, Pakasso, D Mercy, Shot Out, Relli, Ikieu, Loyalty Lo, RedSox, Anonymous, Rachet Badazz, Gunner Gauge


Production: Ikieu, Beezly aka Tattoo, Relli aka Phynga's, Mydo, Jayy Oh Beatz

Where You Are

I am Loyalty Lo. I’m 25 years of age and was born and raised in the West Neighborhoods of Tampa, FL. West Tampa is the type of atmosphere where you had to get it how you live. Watching the young adolescents grow up fast, a lot of real people didn't make it out of the hood. I’m what you would consider a traveling man, I have lived in Dallas, TX for a couple of years. I have also been to Brooklyn, NY putting in work and making a name for myself. I have been down with CEO Snapp Ford and 4 Ever Ballin Records since I was 16 years old, patiently waiting on OUR reign in the music industry. The time is now and we came to take the music industry to the next level. The World's Realest Record Label - 4EB ...... I was inspired by legendary artists like 2Pac. But you could also say that I am a sucker for local music and artists like myself along with underground music as that keeps my attention.

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